PDP: And if you don’t know now you know… (mic drop)

This blog title gives away the fact that I spent my formative years listening to 90s hip-hop.

800px-turntables_and_mixer Image from Baskoner  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turntables_and_mixer.jpg

It was hard deciding what to present.  I would most likely be presenting tech to library staff and colleagues, but I felt a pull to do something geared towards faculty.  Part of this is because of my own desire to become more informed about assessment and find new ways of doing it (especially using tech).  I have also been doing a ton of reflective writing for most of the grad classes I have been taking recently (more so than I remember with my MLIS in 2006), so using that as an assessment since it helps the student as well  made sense to me.

And so began my journey finding tools and apps that could apply to reflection. Some we had covered in class already – Prezi for isntance.  For reflection it is suggested that sound be added – I had not realized you could add sound to Prezi.  Recap was a cool new tool I discovered – it is specifically designed for capturing student responses to learning.  Another clever idea from an instructor was setting up a “video confessional” like ones you see on reality television for students to use during a specific long-term project.

I also noticed something interesting regarding some of my research.  My simple Google search for “apps for student reflection” got me way better results than my more sophisticated advanced search.  Sometimes simple is better, but you often don’t know until you have tried both ways.  This is why I always feel out searches before teaching and usually even before student appointments.

I chose to use Google Slides because I love most things Google, but do not have a lot of experience with this tool.  This project let me work on that – I tried animations, fonts, adding gifs, etc.  I found it interesting that I tried to add a Vimeo video and while it looked like it recognized it, once you “saved” it and left edit view – it did not appear in the presentation view.  I had to use an image of a screenshot and hyperlink that to the video. Adding a YouTube video however was seamless – of course that is owned by Google so coincidence? I think not!

It was nice to stretch my mind and think of ways to do reflection and assessment other than filling out a form or survey.



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